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Dining Table Benches

Posted on September 16 2016

As part of our urban furniture products, we delight in creating beautiful dining room table benches made out of natural wood and steel materials. These benches can easily replace chairs as part of your dining room set and our sizes can be adjusted so that you get the perfect design and texture for your dining room table. Dining table benches are all the rage at the moment and a huge trend in the world of interior decorating. They also offer many advantages that you can implement around the table during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Here are a few benefits of dining table benches:

More space

The very first thing that you will notice in your dining set: benches will create a lot more space around the table. It is a great space saver and the omission of the backside creates a much more open environment in the house. It is so easy to pack away – all you have to do is push it back underneath the table and it is hidden from guests. When you are expecting more visitors, you can easily pull it out from underneath the table and let your guests enjoy their meal in comfort.

Accommodates more bodies

Chairs are often a curse when it comes to accommodating more people around your dining set. There is never enough space for the chairs to be positioned and people are forever adjusting themselves to be comfortable. With dining benches you will be able to accommodate many more people around your table without having to bring extra chairs in from other rooms. They will also be able to take their seats easily and enjoy their meals in peace. You will be able to choose the length of your bench when you contact us for a quote, too!

Flexible seating

Of course, you do not only have to opt for dining room benches in your dining room. You can play around with chairs and benches together. Put chairs around the table for your immediate family and have a bench available for extra guests. You can also choose to get rid of chairs all together and put benches on each side of the table. A standard bench will be able to seat 2 people at our standard small dining room table and 3 people at our standard large dining room table.

Aesthetically in tune with your home

A bench can be a beautiful addition to any home if you choose a gorgeous texture for the bench to be made of. It will immediately form part of the colour scheme and the environment of your home. You can also choose to jazz it up a bit for when it is not use. Add a funky pillow to it or a throw over it to give that something special to your dining room area.

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