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Elegant Outdoor Living Ideas

Posted on September 28 2016

Remodeling your outdoor area can be very exciting and it should be! You are taking a step into the world of elegant outdoor living space designs. As part of our catalog we ensure that we provide outdoor living room furniture that is durable, yet sophisticated for your entertainment area. Our outdoor living room sets are practically indestructible because they are crafted with aluminum frames. This means that you can enjoy spending time outside without having to worry about your furniture being ruined. Here are some elegant outdoor ideas that you can implement with our furniture.

Go retro

One of the themes that we enjoy transposing into our furniture is the retro look. A retro outdoor area will no doubt create an elegant atmosphere, but it will also lend that little bit of fun to the area. You can really play around with colors here to make it look attractive and vibrant. Our furniture is very versatile and its structure complements any type of texture, color, or style that you would want to add to your outdoor area. Our outdoor furniture would look great with a wooden deck and fairy lights draped around it.

Elevation station

What people love doing is elevate their patios so that it is not in the backyard or on a deck like we are used to, but that it is on a raised platform attached to the house. Many home owners who live along the coastline do this to give their guests a better view of the ocean and the sunsets in the summer evenings. This type of elegance will go beautifully with a corner unit and cushions of one color. A fire bowl in the middle will help to up the sophistication around this patio unit.

A rooftop jungle

Another elevated idea that is trending in its elegance is to create a rooftop garden. Many people elevate their roofs or remove it completely in order to build a patio there. For this idea you can consider filling your garden with colorful plants and vines to create that jungle feeling. Remember to keep it trimmed otherwise you will lose the elegance. A great furniture idea for this type of outdoor area would be to include deep seat lounge chairs in your plans. A small water feature would also add to the tranquillity of this area.

Fire and Water

If you have a swimming pool in your yard, your first instinct should be to build an outdoor area around the pool. For an added effect and a beautiful contrast you can build a fireplace or a fire feature next to it. This will give off a gorgeous glow off the water in the evenings and keep you warm in the winter.

Keep it rustic

A very elegant theme in outdoor entertainment areas is rustic. You can make old pieces look amazing by adding it to our steel or aluminum collection. Not only will it look comfortable, but it will definitely give that vintage look.

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