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Outdoor Chaise Lounge Furniture and Deep Seating Patio Furniture

Posted on September 08 2016

Who doesn't love relaxing in the great outdoors on a stylish chaise lounge? Our team absolutely loves the outdoor environment and we are always looking at ways to make those moments great. We took on the task of designing our outdoor patio lounge furniture (also known as outdoor deep seating) collection this past Fall. The Vero Collection was designed to serve the following areas:

1) Modern Outdoor Lounge Furniture - We saw a need for a robust frame structure for durability and long life, yet a need to fit design intent along the modern deep seating patio furniture genre.

2) Outdoor Pool Furniture Chaise Lounges - As we designed the portfolio of products within the Vero Collection, we put a focus on the pool areas of our clients and what designs would work in that design space and serve the needs around water features.

3) Outdoor Patio Lounge Furniture - Patios and outdoor entertaining areas come in all shapes and forms. We designed for the perfect scale to facilitate outdoor roof areas, patios and water features.

4) Commercial Outdoor Lounge Furniture - Designing and crafting a commercial grade modern furniture and commercial aluminum outdoor furniture was one of the most important features that we wanted to achieve with this collection. We were estatic with the result of the clean lines and robust framework.  

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