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Parsons Table

Posted on September 18 2016

We have discussed the Parsons Table in prior posts, but I wanted to talk about some of the uses.

One of the most elegant pieces that you can have in your home is a parsons table. This table has a unique style that formed in the ‘30s and works brilliantly with any style and any color scheme in any house. It is a very flexible piece that moulds into the interior of your home as if it was made to be there. We enjoy making parsons tables because our clients can do so much with it. Here are five ways for you to enjoy your parsons table as a perfect match to your furniture.

In the foyer

The foyer of a home is the place where guests get the initial impression of your home and where they adopt to the energy of the interior. You would want to make a good impression here which is why a parsons table would fit perfectly. A simple brown parsons table could give the feeling of relaxedness and calmness while a steel parsons table could be better for the more modern look. Put a few photos and centrepieces on the table top and watch it transform the entry point of your house into something amazing. Consider requesting a quote for one of our custom tables if you need a narrow version.

In the living room

Every living room needs to have a coffee table and the parsons table is perfect for this purpose. It is just thick enough for you to fit it into the centre of a lounge suite but not as thin that it will topple over at the slightest breeze coming in from the window. Choose a color that stands out in your living room and watch how it miraculously transforms into the center of attention. You can also choose to add more than one parsons table next to the initial one for a very modern and balanced look.

In the dining room

Yes, parsons tables can even be used in the dining room. The parsons dining table is actually perfect for any dining room because of its simplistic design. The space underneath the table allows for many chairs to be pushed in and for many feet to be dangling during dinner time. It creates a cosy yet sophisticated atmosphere and with the right type of chairs it will look even better. Contrast the stark rectangular design with beautiful curved chairs to break the symmetry a bit and you will have a magic combination.

In the office

Your office space should be free of any distractions, but most of all it should be comfortable. The parsons table offers you that type of comfort without the frills of normal office desks. You will have plenty of space to add your own makeshift drawers and for a big office chair to complement the professional look.

In the bedroom

What is a bedroom without two end tables next to the bed? The parsons table is perfect for having all the necessities right next to you when you go to bed and when you wake up. They are the perfect support systems for a few books, a lamp or two, and that dreaded alarm clock.

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