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Pool Patio Furniture

Posted on October 09 2016

Whelp! You did it. You have a pool. You have fulfilled the American dream. You may have even fulfilled the English, French and Canadian dream as well. But you have a pool. You have many days to look forward to of splashing into a cool oasis of a blue water that oddly matches the same color of “Cool Blue” Gatorade. But there is one little thing you need to do before you slap on your flippers and dive into an intense game of Marco Polo, you need to get some pool patio furniture.

When shopping for patio furniture it can be overwhelming how many options there are from style to size to brand. Though the style is important when looking for what to lounge on beside your own personal oasis. It is actually important to look at what kind of model you would prefer. What I’m referring to is when deciding if aluminum pool patio furniture is right for you. Aluminum patio furniture has become more and more popular among sellers in the past few years, thus from the multitude of benefits that come from the model.

The first and foremost benefit is that it never rusts. This may not seem like a big deal but in most cases, people own their set of outdoor furniture for a good few years. Over time furniture ages and with metal furniture it becomes more of an eyesore than anything. But since aluminum isn’t an iron it won’t oxidize and therefore won’t rust over the years. Another reason to consider aluminum furniture is that it doesn’t break, its very sturdy. Lets face it. There is nothing worse then sitting down in a pool chair or any type of furniture and hear that crack before you tumble to the ground with what was once a chair. You stand up red in the face and consider chucking the chair remains at your giggling friends before heading to the gym. But with aluminum’s rigidity you won’t have to worry about that embarrassment again. Speaking of weight (too soon?), there’s another benefit to consider. Many tend to forget that annoying realization when suddenly a gust of wind blows through and your patio set starts flying off like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz. With HDPE material on an aluminum frame, your furniture is less likely to blow away simply because its heavier in weight, but not so heavy you can’t move it about easily enough to get the perfect sun tan.

So when strolling through rows and rows of patio sets maybe you can narrow your search down to aluminum. With the no rust, no breaks and no blow aways, aluminum is probably the best choice for furniture to sit by any commercial outdoor pool. Plus, the sooner you purchase your aluminum patio set, the sooner you can slap on those flippers. Also, a pro tip to know is that even though the water looks like Gatorade, its not. Don’t drink it. It won’t be nearly as tasty as you would think.

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