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Retro Kitchen Tables

Posted on September 19 2016

There is an old saying that says everything that goes out of style must come back at some point which is exactly why retro kitchen tables are so popular at the moment. Our retro kitchen tables are made up of solid hardwood and steel to ensure that you have support when you are cooking. It is also a great feature to any kitchen and can act as the perfect kitchen table with chairs. Here are some ideas that you can use to spice up your retro kitchen table to accentuate it a bit better:

Barstools are a must

Remember that scene in Grease where Sandy and Danny drink milkshakes? Those barstools are the perfect addition to your brand new retro kitchen table. They can transport you back to a time where milkshakes and soda floats were the perfect solution to any problem you had. Barstools have no back part which makes them perfect for you to always see your retro table top. They are great for breakfasts or keeping the cook company in the evenings. Totally chill and totally retro to match your new table.

Hanging lights

Hanging lights like chandeliers might look a bit old fashioned, but they really have a way of accentuating your retro kitchen table. Hang it over the table in your kitchen for a very cool 50s effect. It must be noted that when you opt for this option you should make sure that the globes of the chandelier do not clash with the rest of the lights in the kitchen and that it is placed high enough so not to bother the people who want to stand or sit around your retro kitchen table. Get a professional electrician in to help you in this regard.

Color block it!

To get an amazing effect from your new retro kitchen table, you can add colors to it that complement it. The best way to do this is to color block your kitchen. There are colors that create an amazing retro effect when they are placed together. Some examples are red and black like a classic American diner, white and blue, or white and green. You have the opportunity to play around with different colors and to find the perfect fit that highlights your new retro kitchen table. The ideal would be that it fits in with the rest of the color scheme of your kitchen.

Industrialize it

Another awesome effect that you can create with your new retro kitchen table is to industrialize it. Think warehouses and factories where they store raw materials. This will work best with our steel retro kitchen tables, particularly in our Warehouse Metal finish, because you can match different types of metal to this. Find rustic ornaments and lights to complement your kitchen table and stick to organic utensils that you can hang out for display to add a little bit of aesthetic to the room.

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