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The History of the Parsons Table

Posted on September 06 2016

One of the table designs that we absolutely love creating at Elan is the classic Parsons Table. This design matches the thickness of the legs to the thickness of the tabletop frame. We passionately refer to our version as the Loft Table.

One of the reasons for our decision to pursue this design intent was the simplicity and clean lines of the frame. This allows us to focus on the tabletop medium and bring that material to life. The frame also allows us to celebrate mixed materials with the steel frames and wood tops.

The story goes that in the 1930s, while at the Parsons School of Design, Jean-Michel Frank passed along a challenge to his design class to design a basic table design. A table with such simplicity and basic design that it would retain its integrity no matter what material was selected for the construction. Anything from gold plated, steel or wood parson tables…they had to retain their basic design intent.

The 1930s were known as the era of “Moderne” and for the blend of Modernism and Art Deco. This time in our history lent a perfect backdrop for them to develop one of our great classics. We hope that you enjoy our take on the Parsons Dining Table.

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