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  • Retro Kitchen Tables

    There is an old saying that says everything that goes out of style must come back at some point which is exactly why retro kitchen tables are so popular at...

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  • Parsons Table

    We have discussed the Parsons Table in prior posts, but I wanted to talk about some of the uses. One of the most elegant pieces that you can have in...

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  • Hardwood Table

    There is nothing better than a hardwood table to give you that rustic look to your house. It can be used either in the dining room or kitchen and it...

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  • Dining Table Benches

    As part of our urban furniture products, we delight in creating beautiful dining room table benches made out of natural wood and steel materials. These benches can easily replace chairs...

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  • Commercial Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

    Let's be honest. We love food here at Elan. There is something unique and transcending when it comes to food and how it brings people together and allows one to...

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  • Cushions for Outdoor Furniture

    In our experience in the outdoor furniture niche, there is one thing that puts the final touch on the style and decor of your patio...cushions. Cushions allow our clients to...

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